Lion House marks first steps for Probe (Hull) Limited

Probe (Hull) Limited celebrated the opening of Lion House with seven multiple occupancy apartments in a building that was previously the Lion Hotel off Hessle Road. PJPS Construction refurbished the property as part of the Government’s Empty Homes Programme alongside chartered building surveyors, Delaney Marling Partnership and Ettridge Architecture to help regenerate the City of Hull and provide affordable housing.

Kathy Mellors, landlady of the pub from 1975-1989, took over the pub from her mother-in-law who resided there from 1953.  The family ran a good business, set in the heart of Hessle Road. Mrs Mellors 'rang the bell' on the apartment building to mark the official opening of this flagship project. A host of guests were invited to see for themselves what Probe (Hull) Limited is achieving for local people.

Steve Alltoft, General Manager of Probe (Hull) Limited said:

“The opening of Lion House marked the beginning of Probe (Hull) Limited’s contribution to the development of Hull. It will also be the first apartment project to generate an income for us.”

The Empty Homes Programme allowed organisations to purchase void properties in Hull and refurbish them either as part of the training programme with Hull College or working with local contractors to breath a new lease of life into streets that are home to derelict houses. The Lion Hotel lay empty for many years and subject to fire damage and vandalism the premises were under threat of demolition.